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How to get your first push notifications subscribers?

Dernière mise à jour : 4 mai 2023

Getting your first subscribers on avorit is the first step towards the success of your future push notification campaigns. Create a solid foundation to bring together a real community of fans ready to jump on your push notifications and make a lot of new orders! You do not know where to start ? Let's get stated! 👇

1.Customers first!

Your customers are your first fans and they will be the easiest to convince to follow your profile on avorit! They already know you, genuinely trust you and recommend you to their friends. Convincing them of the opportunity of receiving your next push notifications will be a piece of cake! Here are some ideas to help you.

Idea 1. If you use free shipping or discount for some orders, you can share a more advantageous discount code with your avorit subscribers rather than the one displayed on your website for random vistors and you should even make this information public! For example, you can add an announcement bar at the top of your website displaying: "Save 10% on orders over $50 with "15OFF" or follow us on Avorit to get a better code!". But you should also add a dedicated section on your home page (but also on other types of pages if you want it like on the basket or on product pages) as you may not be abble to add direct link to download the app on your announcement bar which will result on a lower following convertion rate for your brand. It could look like this:

Idea 2. You can organize a drop of a new limited edition by locking your website with a password an hour (or a day) earlier and sending the secret code by push notifications with Avorit!

The most interested customers (and therefore those with whom you really want to be able to communicate instantly and without algorithms) will subscribe to your brand profile in the avorit app for sure not to miss the limited edition before it is sold out! The best practice is to communicate a few days before about this upcoming drop to have time to warm up your community once or twice and thus obtain more followers ready to receive your drop in advance like VIP customers! 🥂

2. Invite your social media followers.

Your social media followers are the second group of people you need to focus on once your customers have been invited to join you on avorit. Among them, there are plenty of hot prospect that you will be abble to convert into loyal customers ONLY IF they can see your brand more often on their (even locked) screen! Because this is not a surprise for you but Instagram to NOT display your content to all of them (how crazy it is for brands!). BEST PRACTICES:

  • Add 2 links on your bio to invite followers to download the avorit app easily to let them start receiving your push notifications (you can add multiple links to your bio with Linktree for example).

  • Add featured Instagram stories that explain why your followers should follow your brand profile on avorit to receive your next push notifications (like exclusive gifts or discount codes, early access to drops and more depending on your brand strategy) and never forget to add links to let them download the app on Google Play or App Store without any effort.

  • Invite them on relevant posts description ou at the end of every post or you make on Instagram or TikTok.

3. Invite your emailling list.

After inviting your customers to follow you on avorit from your website and your followers from Instagram, it's time to give them a common reminder by communicating via your newsletter. You can take up the arguments mentionned earlier in this article. Take the time to explain more fully why you would like to be able to send them push notifications and how they will benefit from it. An additional argument to finish convincing them? Well, you can explain to them that with a single app (which is avorit) they will be able to receive push notifications from your brand but also from all the other brands they like (an idea that should finish making them cross the not to follow you there!

4. Improve your brand profile on avorit.

Now that you invited your whole community to follow your brand new profile on avorit and that your are ready to send your fisrt push notification to this bunch of people, there is a last way to get new subscribers : to attract plenty of other avorit users!

Yes! It is possible! Avorit is full of users who follow many brands they love! Why could not you attract them to your brand profile directly into the app? The good news is: we have organized everything in the app to help you get more subscribers to your push notifications and that is how avorit now becomes a new acquisition funnel for your brand! 🥂 You were not expecting this good news when you signedup, were you? By improving your brand profile, you will not only be able to convince avorit users that do not already know your brand to follow you when they enter a keyword related to your niche in the search bar, but you could also be featured on the customized home pages of users who follow brands similar to yours (maybe your competitors)!

🥂 To your success!


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