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Turn our users into your notification subscribers!

Dernière mise à jour : 4 mai 2023

Did you know that by creating your profile on avorit, you obtained a new acquisition channel for your brand? 🙌🏼 If your answer is no, then you have just learned a wonderful news for your business! Because unlike a traditional social network, on avorit, users are there with real purchasing intentions. It was to buy something that they registered on the platform. So, here we go! Let's see how you can steal these users from us by turning them into subscribers to your brand push notifications!

1. Optimise your keywords.

And for that, you have to understand how the search works in the app. On avorit, users can find you through search in 2 ways: 1) enter the name of your brand (if they already know you) or... 2) enter one or multiple keywords that are related to your brand.

Since the purpose of this article is to get you discovered organically by avorit users, it is this second method of research that we will have to optimize for your brand : keywords. But in addition to your 5 keywords, you have also selected the categories of customers to whom your brand is aimed and we will see that these choices will prove to be crucial for your organic acquisition of new customers within the avorit app. We will discuss this a little later in this article.

So let's dive into KEYWORDS! When you registered on avorit, you filled in 5 keywords that define what your brand offers. But how do you ch

oose the 5 best words to include in your profile? Well, you must be wondering what

keywords a user who doesn't know you yet should type into the app's search bar to find your profile. But you also have to ask yourself which keywords users will enter in the same search to optimize your place in the search results, the goal being to climb to the highest possible position.

When a user does a keyword search in the app, the results are displayed in order of relevance. For example, a user who enters two keywords will see the brands that have chosen his two keywords among the 5 keywords appear first. And with equal keyword relevance, the brand with the most subscribers (and therefore popularity) takes first place in the search results. You now understand why choosing your keywords with care will have a major impact on the number of new subscribers who will join you, but also why it is important to first invite your own community to follow you to increase your number of subscribers upstream. initial after your registration in the app to immediately place you much higher in the search results. We have also written a resource article that explains how to recruit your first subscribers from your own community. But how can I be sure to choose the best keywords to register in my brand profile. First, these keywords are private, meaning you can't see the ones your competitors are using and no one can see yours: they don't show up on your brand profile. You will therefore have to be cunning and ask yourself the right questions. For example, if you are a gardening brand, do your customers search more for garden or gardening? Let's say your conclusion is to choose the word "gardening". Ask yourself what other word your users might regularly search for as a second keyword. Will they search for “hydroponic gardening” or “balcony gardening”. In case you think your customers will search for "balcony gardening" often and that you specialize in gardening for city dwellers, consider adding the keyword "gardening" and the keyword "balcony" among your 5 words keys.

2. Choose the right target.

We have seen that the keyword strategies you adopt have a significant impact on the number of users who will discover your profile through their keyword searches. But of course, keywords alone are not everything. You also need to know who you are talking to. When you registered, you also selected one or different types of target customers. Avorit allow you to indicate which groups of people your brand is aimed at among:

  • men

  • women

  • non-binary

  • babies

  • toddlers

  • kids

  • teenagers

  • teenage girls

  • elderly

You can choose a single category or choose several depending on your target. But why is this important? Because if you choose "women", your brand will only appear in the search results of users interested in brands aimed at women.

"But how does avorit know that a user only wants to see female brands?"

Users select these same consumer category labels in their profile. For example, if a mother is only interested in brands for her and brands for her newborn, she will select the labels "women" and "babies" so that only the brands that have chosen her labels as their customers target will appear in search results and recommendations on its homepage.

"Well then in this case, I just have to check all the categories of people to appear as often as possible, right?"

We strongly advise against it! Users have the power to flag inappropriate brands they see in the app so your brand could be flagged by users as 'irrelevant' if you only offer, for example, products for men and that you have selected "female" in your tags. User reports penalize your relevance score and will send you ever lower in the search results. Better your therefore appear only in front of users who could really be interested in your brand. But being reported too often by users would also cancel your chances of being featured on the home pages of users who don't know you yet, which would mean depriving you of the holy grail offered by avorit. We'll tell you about this great feature at the end of the article!

3. Optimize your profile

Obviously, appearing in the results of keyword searches is essential to being discovered there, but this is not your final goal. Indeed, your goal once well placed in these results will be that users subscribe to your brand and for that, you must make them want your brand as much as a vanilla-strawberry ice cream on a sandy beach! And there is basic ways to do it!

1) Your profile + cover images

First, since this is the first thing users will see when scrolling through their search results, you need to choose a quality cover picture that perfectly represents your ideal customer so that people who match your target can't resist clicking on this picture to open your brand profile and learn more about you. Keep it simple and avoid too much text on your cover image. Then of course, we highly recommend to add your logo as a profile image in colors that fit nicely your cover.

2) Your brand name

It should be clean and readable at a glance. Don't let yourself be tempted by convoluted turns, capitalizations and other crazy ideas that could reduce your chances of being taken seriously by users. You can use emojis, but we really recommend that you do so sparingly: one emoji (or two) should be enough. Remember that your originality should not be in this little line of text. Make in short and efficient, that's it.

3) Your brand description

Here, you can express your uniqueness! You can format your text with emojis (if needed) and line breaks to make your description clear and readable for users and always write the first part of your description aimed at users who don't know you yet so as not to let them escape before they have subscribed to your brand!

If you have impressive numbers, use them like the number of orders shipped since you started, your number of customers or social media followers, or the year you started if your brand has been around for a long time. All this will inspire confidence in those who do not know you yet.

4) Add the final touch!

Now that the four main elements are well arranged, you only need to add the final touch!

  • Your website: double check if you enter the correct link to the blue button.

  • Your secondary images: choose two nice pictures to spruce up the end of your profile that nicely matches your cover image.

  • Your Instagram: same as your website, double check to make sure your link is not broken.

4. Try to be featured on users home page!

This is the holy grail for any brand: to be put in front of people who already buy products similar to yours but who don't know you yet, and that, organically on the "you could love them too" section!


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