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When is the best time to send my push notification?

Dernière mise à jour : 4 mai 2023

Time is a crucial component that can make or break the success of your campaign, especially when we talk about a push notification received instantly by your recipient on his phone screen, which will make him look down at it the very moment you pressed the "send" button (pure magic, trust us). However, you may deliver their communications at the wrong moment (ouch!), which lowers your direct sales. Your campaign might be more successful if you know when you should send push alerts. We lay down all you need to know about push notification timing in this article to assist you in achieving this. We'll look at why timing is crucial, when to send push notifications and how to do it with only one finger. So let's get going!

To put things in context, a smart guy called Andrew Chen has compiled some good data that demonstrates that open rates are actually higher after 6 p.m. This is a good start to answer the title of this article, you do not think ? According to his research, in general, you should consider sending push messages between 6 and 8 p.m., when engagement is at its maximum.

With that being said, don't desperate. You may sometimes need to send your notifications outside of these hours for some reasons. The good news is that no matter the time, as you can see from the graph above, open rates for user-relevant notifications are so high that you'll have every chance of achieving better results with you notification campaign compare to your classic newsletter opening rate. Are we wrong? Certainly not 🔮. Another schedule that might seem unusual but that we advise you to try is early in the morning, when people get up to go to work. Don't lie, you always look at your phone as soon as you open your eyes to see if you missed something while you were sleeping. In fact, you will continue to scroll on the way between the door of your room and the toilets, where you will be sitting comfortably (or not 🚽) for long minutes that will make you late for work and during which you will scroll across the last Instagram Stories of your favorite accounts. Yes, you know you do that, like everyone else. Wouldn't that be the best time of the day to suddenly appear (hum... your brand, not you on your toilets!) with a nice notification in front of the misty eyes of your future customer? It might just look like an opportunity to make a live latrine sale while your competitors are all waiting to hit the sending button during the evening. Bad luck, you've already beaten them. This customer has empty his pockets to fill yours and there is nothing left for your poor competitors. A missed opportunity for them, but not for you. Besides, you may have smiled while reading this last paragraph. Why not do the same with your notification subscribers? Maybe you dare tell him that you know too that he is on his toilet and that you want to talk to him at that time (unless you are a luxury brand, never do that, whatever). It will surely make him smile in turn and you will have won his attention. If this kind of original strategy to stay number #1 in the hearts of your customers interests you, we have done the work for you with this list of original and fun ideas to use in your notification campaigns. Conversely, also think about weekends. Your customer will perhaps feel more free at the end of the week to indulge himself with a purchase, rather than during the week? Look at your sales statistics on your online store. If some days are more profitable than others in your niche then you already know when to send your notification! Also, don't forget the lunch break time while your client is at work. If he has boring co-workers or has taken refuge in his car to eat in peace, what do you think he does? Bingo, he is currently looking at his phone 🤳🏻! What about if you send him a little notification to tell him that he can use the promo code ENJOYOURMEAL in the next hour to have a surprise gift slipped inside his package? That's good, he had spotted a little something on your site for which he said to himself "I'll order it one day". And ching-ching, a new sale for you. Well done, my friend! As you can see, there's always a new time of day to test while waiting for the Shopify bell to ring! But to sum up, we recommend to test as a priority: 🌒 any evening between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm ; 😎 at the weekend, a great classic; 🚽 early in the morning when waking up, on weekdays; 🥗 during the lunch break, also on weekdays; But now that you read this article you might think : "great, but how can I send a push notification without being a developer or owning my own app ?". Simple : download the avorit app on iOS for Apple or Google Play for Android, create your brand profile as simply as a new Instagram account and you are ready to send your first real native push notification now and for free. Period. 🥂 To your success!


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